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White Star of London is owned by Krishna Developments Limited.
The directors of the company have been boating for over 20 years initially on the Thames in England and the south coast of England in the Solent & Poole. They have been boating in Spain for over 3 years. They bought the first charter boat approximately 2 1/2 years ago for charter in Mallorca. They have been in the Charter business since then and bought the White Star in May 2005. Since the purchase of the White Star the boat has had over 400,000 euros spent on her. The money has been spent on servicing & additional equipment and upgrades and special charter requirements as well as the latest flat screen TVs & DVD players & Hydro pool etc. etc.

The Captain, David, is a very talented skipper and you will find his and the stewardesses resume in the crew link. We, the company, were so impressed with his many experience, many talents, abilities and character that we employed him before we even purchased the White Star.

Licensing & coding.

The owners of the boat Krishna Developments Ltd have the boat registered in their name under a British Flag and the boat is registered as a commercial craft in the British Lloyds part 1 register. The company is registered to act as a Charter Company in Spain and has a Spanish CFI/NIF number. The White Star is MCA coded, Mecal coded, and has a Spanish Charter Licence as well as a Govern de Balear Charter Licence.